SHRM membership puts you in the driver’s seat with a partner who is the ultimate navigator of all things HR. You can rely on SHRM for tools, resources, news, and experts to help you map your course to grow your role as a trusted leader.

Those who join the forum are Human Resource and Corporate Executives who are interested in developing better workplaces and a better world.

Amongst the intangible feel good factors of belonging to a reputable association, members will also enjoy the following benefits:


In addition to the “feel-good” associated with belonging to a reputable association, members will also enjoy the following benefits:

Expand your network with like-minded HR professionals through our networking events and social media connections.
Get expert advice on specific HR issues through discussions, seminars, workshops, and personal insights from members.
Hone in your thought leadership, presentation, and public speaking skills by participating in our events.
Participate in mentoring and accountability partnering with peers for guidance and support to elevate your HR practice.
Receive support to be part of delegations to attend international conferences and events.
Enjoy “member-only” discounts on seminars, events, and merchandise.
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